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Degreaser Products
Synergistic formulations combine with powerful alkaline builders to actually convert grease and soils into soaps that help power through extreme road grime with ease. Many of our degreaser products contain a user safe environmentally friendly package of natural citrus degreasing agents.
Grease Cutter (503)
Power Blast (507)
Citrax (521)
Power Blast 3 (526)
Crete Clean (532)
Super Red Degreaser (550)
Brown Wonder (551)
Tar Remover (576)
Grease Cutter (503)

Attacks the most difficult cleaning projects. Works effectively as a pre-spray. Leaves an extremely clean surface that is free rinsing. Contains Scale Stop to protect machine systems from scale build-up. Helps restore faded paints.

Ideal for: Cars, trucks, fifth-wheels, mobile home. Aluminum metals, glass and most cleaning surfaces.

Description: Red liquid. 20% actives. Ships UPS

Application: Upstream, downstream, pre-spray, hot or cold water.
Power Blast (507)

Citrax (521)

Neutral pH degreaser and detergent booster. For use in heavy-duty degreasing and cleaing. Releases the natural power of citrus to dissolve grease, grime and tough dirt. Can be used as an additive to other detergents. Pleasant aroma.

Ideal for: Commericial trucks, road vehicles and machinery

Description: Gold liquid. 18% actives
Ships UPS

Application: Downtrem, Pre-spray, hot and cold water.
Crete Clean (532)

Highly concentrated to powerfully cleand and degrease. Will remove most oils, grim and tar. Can also be used as a floor scrubber. 100% active. Contains phosphorescent pH indicating dye.

Ideal for: Masonry, bricks, stone, mortar and concrete.

Description: Green powder 100% Actives
Ships UPS

Application: Downstream, pre-spray, hot water.
Super Red Degreaser (550)

Heavy buytl based formulation. Removes most extreme grease and grime. Prevents flash rusting. Not for use on galvanized metals.

Ideal for: Industrial equipment, vehicles, and fork trucks

Description: Red liquid 21% actives

Application: Downstream, pre-spray, hot or cold water.
All Hydrus Detergents contain custom formulated surfactants to provide complete rapid biodegradability.
Always check and read carefully the Material Safety Data Sheet before use.

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