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Automatic and Manual Parts Washer Solutions
Non-foaming and extremely economical, these detergents are formulated to optimize parts washer performance. A specifically blended formula of corrosion inhibitors, de-foamers, water softening agents, alkaline builders, selected non-foaming surfactant blends, rinse additives and natural degreasing agents maximize the cleaning performance of these products. Protects the equipment being used while cleaning away the grime.

APW Pro White P (500)
APW Antirust (518)
APW Phostight (524)
APW Pro While L (531)
APW Lumastrip (534)
APW Steelstrip (535)
PW Hands On (536)
APW Citriclean (538)
D-Foam (552)
APW Pro White P (500)

Non-foaming with no chelating agents. 500P contains an exclusive corrosion inhibitor package preventing flash rusting and darkening of brass parts. Safe to use on foor surfaces.

Ideal for: Metals, paints, plastics, stainless steel, brass and alumninum.

Description: White Powder 100% Actives (Ships UPS)
APW Antirush (518)

Rush and corrosion inhibitors provide excellent protection against rusting in each phase of most cleaning machines.

Ideal for: Furrous and non-ferrous metals

Description: Light Brown Liquid 20% Actives (Ships UPS)

NOTE:Additive to parts washer detergents
APW Phostight (524)

Very effective in removing heavy, oily soils. Cleand and phosphatizes to assure paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. Safe to use on steel and iron. Contains effective Scale Stop that helps protect machine systems from scale build-up.

Ideal for: Parts washers, dip or wipe-on cleaning and phosphatizing

Description: Clear Liquid 18% Actives (Ships UPS Finished Product Only)
APW Pro White L (531)

Easy to use liquid. All purpose cleaner suitable for most greases, grimes and soils. Also an effective floor cleaner that can be used through floor scrubbers. Work well with auto-fill systems.

Ideal for: Steel, brass, aluminum, iron, plastics and painted surfaces.

Description: Red Liquid 17% Actives (Ships UPS Finished Product Only)
APW Lumastrip (534)

Non-abrasive, alkaline detergent. Formulated to be a low-foaming, rust-inhibiting, non-staining/etching surface cleaner. Sustained cleaning power makes it very economical.

Ideal for: Light/Heavy duty aluminum and alloys, brass, stainless steel, copper and plastic resin

Description: Brown Liquid 22% Actives (Ships UPS)
APW Steelstrip (535)

Does not discolor or corrode. Cleans up greases, oils and other intensive elements. Also works as a paint stripper.

Ideal for: Light/Heavy duty iron, steel and stainless steel

Description: Brown Liquid 22% Actives (Ships UPS Finished Product Only)
PW Hands On (536)

For use in manual parts washers. Neutral pH detergent

Ideal for: Glassware, plastic and metal parts

Description: Gold Liquid 23% Actives (Ships UPS)
APW Citriclean (538)

Used natural power of citrus to dissolve grease, inks and oils. Non-foaming.

Ideal for: Most maintenance type parts and equipment pieces

Description: White Liquid 30% Actives (Ships UPS)
D-Foam (552)

Anti-foam additive to help eliminate foaming problems.

Ideal for: Parts washers and other equipment

Description: White Liquid 40% Actives (Ships UPS)
All Hydrus Detergents contain custom formulated surfactants to provide complete rapid biodegradability.
Always check and read carefully the Material Safety Data Sheet before use.

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