Hydrus Detergents, proud to be American owned and operated.
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The BEST Quality Control in the Industry
  • The staff at Hydrus Detergents has a combined 50 plus years of service to the industry.
  • Hydrus Detergents standard for quality control procedures are the highest of any in the industry and are carried out every work day of every year.
  • Production batches are given coding to track all product from production to end use.
  • All raw chemicals are specifically tested to insure only the highest quality and most cost effective chemicals are used in our production.
  • Samples of the products made and put into containers are drawn out of the mixer first tested for a variety of results to meet the specs on that product. Every batch is tested before it is put into a container and on the shelf.
  • All Hydrus Detergents contain custom formulated surfactants to provide complete rapid biodegradability.
    Always check and read carefully the Material Safety Data Sheet before use.

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