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Super Concentrate Kits
There are a number of advantage to our line of Super Concentrate products, try your favorite product in this form today.
Shipping Costs:

Because the Super Concentrate product is formulated with little or no water, your business can realize tremendous shipping cost savings! Savings of 80% or more can be expected with a Super Concentrate product.
The Super Concentrate products can be shipped UPS (except for hazardous products). One kit will make 55-gallons of finished product.

1 kit is equal to 1 55 gallon drum

4 Full drums fit on a pallet. 13 kits (13 full drums) fit on a pallet. This means 13 full drums for the same freight cost as 4 full drums. Ship the goodies and not the water!

With the Super Concentrate products, storage space requirements can be reduced by as much as 66%. This saves you valuable warehouse space.
Call us today about the Super Concentrate Products!

We also have information for mixing equipment that is easy to use and easy on the checkbook.
All Hydrus Detergents contain custom formulated surfactants to provide complete rapid biodegradability.
Always check and read carefully the Material Safety Data Sheet before use.

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