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Hydrus TOP 6 Detergents
Determine which detergents to recommend:
FC ULTRA - 505
MACH I - 513
Consider the following:
  • Is it a light, medium or heavy-duty cleaning application?
  • What degree of clean does your customer require?
  • What price is your customer willing to pay?
  • Which Hydrus Detergen worked will in similar applications?
  • Should the detergent be applied upstream, downstream or pre-sprayed?
  • Hydrus top 6 detergents have a USDA Letter of Guaranty.
    Hydrus top 6 are fully biodegradable.
    Hydrus top 6 have our exclusive rust and corrosion inhibitor package for excellent protection.
    Hydrus top 6 all contain our exclusive surfactant package to extend the life of the detergency and provide strong cleaning at maximum dilution.
    Hydrus top 6 can have our FC Gloss added to make a wash and wax for vehicles.
    Competitive situations-both are low cost. Work well in light and medium cleaning applications.
    Mach I - 513 is a "quick release" releases greases and oils quickly. Works great in reclaim systems and with oily water separators.
    FC Rigshine - 509 is our number one seller! Rigshine - 509 helps restore faded painted surfaces. Rigshine - 509 is the stronger of the two products.
         Rigshine - 509 performs far better than the price would indicate! Rigshine - 509 is a great product to demo with first.
    Both Mach 1 and FC Rigshine are great for cleaning vehicles and industrial equipment, food processing, farm equipment and engines.
    GREASE CUTTER - 503, FC ULTRA - 505 and POWERBLAT - 507
         Are great Heavy Duty, All Purpose/Degreasers. Our Customers use them interchangeably but for some applications one may be best suited.

          Powerblast - 507 is a superios detergent for cleaning heavy equipment, vehicles, food processing floors and oil field equipment.
             Citrax can be added at 1/2 - 2 oz. per gallon for extreme degreasing capabilities. Great for a bug remover.

         FC Ultra - 505 is fabulous for cleaning vehicles, engines, whitewalls, food processing areas, farm machinery and heavy equipment. FC Ultra - 505 is outstanding on faded paint surfaces.
              Helps restore paint to that "brand new" appearance. Safe on polished aluminum. Free rinsing and an outstanding cold water cleaner.

         Grease Cutter - 503 is perfect for cleaning vehicles, drilling rigs, engines, food processing areas, farm machinery, buildings and construction areas.
              Grease Cutter - 503 is our heaviest duty non-caustic cleaner/degreaser. Grease Cutter - 503 is our best detergent for restoring faded paint surfaces. Super cold water detergent.

         Brown Wonder - 551 the "brown" soap is a powerful heavy duty truck wash. Brown Wonder - 551 is highly effective in cleaning trucks, engies, fifth-wheels, mining equipment, off-the-road equipment
              and construction equipment. Not for use on polished aluminum.

    All Hydrus Detergents contain custom formulated surfactants to provide complete rapid biodegradability.
    Always check and read carefully the Material Safety Data Sheet before use.

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